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We are dedicated to creating livable, sustainable and resilient settlements and communities by providing adequate and pragmatic spatial planning, urban development and management services.

Pragmatic Solutions Consults Limited

Who Are We

PRAGMATIC SOLUTIONS CONSULTS NIG. LTD (PSC) is a broad-based consultancy firm providing Multi-Disciplinary Professional, Technical and Independent client services for development projects and programmes of all types and scales.

Our Mission

To provide pragmatic and strategic technical and advisory services on development and management, urban and regional planning, and the built environment, delivering the highest value outcome for clients.

What We Do

Why Choose Us?

PSC has the experience and expertise to add value to clients in identifying, preparing and implementing projects and programmes that will improve the living conditions of the people and their communities.
  • Master, Structural and Strategic Planning
  • Urban Design and Detailed Area and Layout Plan
  • Town Planning Appeals and Representation
  • City/ Community Consultations
  • Development Assessment/Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Integrated Development Plans (IDP)
  • Urban and Regional Research
  • Planning Policy Development
  • Facilitation of Development Permits
  • Site Analysis Report
  • Environmental Profiling
  • Climate Change
  • Adaptation and Environmental Management
  • Programme Preparation
  • Project Development
  • Project Information, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Training and Capacity Development
  • Gardening and Landscaping.
  • City Development Strategy (CDS)
  • Job and Employment Creation
  • Design and Preparation of Economic Projects:
    – Markets (Regional, wholesales/daily retail and rural markets)
    – Motor Parks
    – Bus Terminal
  • Local Resource Mobilization
  • Capital Investment Plans and Programmes
  • Poverty Reduction Programmes
  • Disaster Risk Analysis
  • Disaster Profiling
  • Post Disaster Assessment
  • Disaster Risk Reduction, Planning and Management
  • Post-Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction
  • Humanitarian Support and Community Resilience 
  • Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (VCA)
    Capacity Building

Preparation, Design and Implementation of Strategic Urban Infrastructure Projects such as:

  • – Water Supply
  • – Roads and Drainages
  • – Municipal Solid Waste Management
  • – Land Preparation and Development
  • – Flood Control and Mitigation
  • – Pre-feasibility
  • – Feasibility
  • – Project Preparation
  • – Project Management
  • – Financial Advisory services
  • – Development of Partnership
  • – Project Monitoring and Evaluation

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